While in Colorado the summer of 2015, I receieved a midnight call from Laura Cronk announcing that Tapestry had given birth to a long-leggedl, very elegant bay colt with 4 matching whites (which seems to be a trend)! We rushed out to Hope Reigns the following day to witness his first trip outdoors at Tapestry’s side. So upright with a perfect break at the poll, this little fellow had the “art of the trot” nailed day one.

Skyehighh is a tall, elegant gelding by Skyehawwk x Tapestry VF. Already a Region 8 Halter Champion, I have no doubt his promise as a performance champion will be fulfilled with his new owner, the accomplished National Champion rider, Edie Howell. We look forward to being ringside when the arena gates open on this pair. 

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