January 2014, during a visit with Susanne Mackrell at Crimson Farm, we were given a preview of one of the finest mares I've ever seen. Upright and forward-moving with so much Arabian type that I couldn't take my eyes off of her  during a turn around the Crimson arena at liberty. Feminine and bold with enormous impulsion from behind, Brooklyn CF is the kind of mare that sets me swooning. Her deep dark chestnut coat and shoulder-length mane completed a picture of "super star diva". Statuesque and stunning. Then there was her exotic pedigree. Her sire, a son of Marwan Al Shaqab. Her dam, a daughter of Padrons Psyche. That was it. I had to have her!!! There's an interesting trend here. All of my mares are Padrons Psyche granddaughters. Love those tall, leggy redheads.

"Brooklyn" is a highly sensitive mare and had not been shown at the age of 3. Within a few months she would turn 4, so after a bit of training, off we went to Santa Barbara where she succeeded in turning heads. She pulled off one Reserve Championship in a very competitive class & returned to Crimson awash in a "sea of blues". That first show was traumatic with howling winds, crashing tents, and general chaos all around. Our beautiful mare entered the arena like a champ, powering forward with extreme grace & beauty. Romney hung onto her, trying to calm frayed nerves through the amateur classes and Francisco Valez showed like a pro in the open. She made Top 5 in the Pacific Slope Championship and managed to "put away" some very well-bred seasoned mares throughout the show. Not too bad for a first outing. She returned for another Top 5 at Region 2 competing against more world-class mares. Romney and Brooklyn were relieved to have survived all the chaos and we came to realize that we have quite a well-bred, extraordinary, very contemporary young Arabian mare. They recently scored a win in Denver where Jeff Schall also won a class with this "electric" show mare.  Frank Dickten did an excellent job at the lead during the Region 8 show.

~ Caroline Maupin

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