Tapestry VF


  Tapestry VF (Psymadre x Lads Tawny) is a 3/4 sister to Alada Psynergy VF+++/ and also represents a "golden cross" - Psymadre on Alada Baskin daughters. "Tappy" is a loving, personable mare holding National & Scottsdale halter titles in classes of 46 & 36 respectively. This incredible mare was bequeathed to us by our dear friend, Gari Dill-Marlow, respected breeder and  international lecturer on the Arabian Horse. Thanks to the Lawson family, Tapestry made a long trip from the hostile Arizona desert in December 2012 and now happily resides at Hope Reigns  Arabians with breeding manager, Laura Cronk. 

   Tapestry's story continues to unfold with the arrival of another spectacular colt, Skyeline, also by Skyehawkk. When he made his appearance before midnight June 13, 2015, Laura Cronk awakened me with the welcome news that my vision of a "beautiful bay with 4 white stockings" had come to fruition. Wet & groggy, adjusting to his new surroundings, I could hear the enthusiasm in Laura's voice. Romney already had selected a name as we admired the distinctive Denver skyline the night of his birth. We continue to give thanks for this remarkable mare.

~ Caroline Maupin

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