What are the odds? During a sunny Sunday morning auction at the lush and lovely Ventura Farm, a brief glimpse of a 2 year old filly jolted my world. Not one to rush into things, I had not planned on bidding, yet a split second decision changed our lives. I spontaneously raised my paddle and somehow could not put it down. Not a great auction technique, but it worked. The rest is history and the mare of a lifetime was ours. Alada Psynergy VF+++/ would leave her imprint both in our hearts and in the show world for years to come. There was something about her enormous, confident stride, so unusual for a 2 year old. Then there was the burnished deep chestnut coat, burgundy mane and tail, 2 front white socks, and a large milk white tear drop in the middle of her forehead. Always easy to spot when she entered the arena, her brilliance fueled any competition.

Romney gave her the name she would come to recognize each time we call. "Ally" took on a new life in our care. An aloof youngster, I was the only one who could catch her. She would allow me near then nudge me as if to ask approval should anyone else approach, as if she were warning that someone might try to do us harm. Ever the "war mare", Ally would seek to protect those close to her. Eventually, she accepted Romney. He was destined to become part of her "herd",  if not the most important part. When she became Romney's show mare, their bond grew immeasurably. She took incredible care of him in the ring, always stepping off to the side as her HUGE trot scooped up the earth beneath her hooves. There never was an entrance quite like that of Alada Psynergy VF+++/ enetering the gate, then breaking into a high trot. Her "stand-ups" exhibited the most heart and scope I could imagine in the halter arena. I doubt that any mare equals her record for simultaneous halter and performance achievements up through the National level, particularly given the ongoing specialization of our breed.

Ally's story never would have been written without the unparalleled talent of Joanne Fox. The "winningest" daughter of Psymadre, Alada Psynergy VF+++/ has triumphed over some of the most successful halter mares of our time. Some Polish, some Brazilian. Beautiful mares, each one. Some went on to Scottsdale and National wins, but Ally took them on, one by one, always emerging at the top. Not bad for a performance mare. Not bad at all. 

We've been through so much, Ally and I. She always emerged stronger for the negative experiences that befell her. A champion in life as well as in the arena. She has the heart of a lion and the will of a war mare. To know her is to experience that phenomenon. It really can't be described. 

Today Alada Psynergy VF is thriving under the meticulous care of Laura Cronk.

~ Caroline Maupin

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